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What Would It Be Like To Have a Coach For a Full Year?

Imagine having access to some of the most experienced coaches in the market today for an entire year. To guide you, coach you, work with you on prospecting, segmenting and the onerous organization of your practice.

Coaching is the ideal way to have accountability and practical support as you grow your practice. Supernova 365 is a comprehensive year-long coaching program that includes 10.5 hours of one on one coaching with a qualified coach who will support you step by step in successfully implementing the process, video lessons, access to the Supernova membership site, scheduling tool and much more.

Financial advisors tell us:

I want to bring balance back into my life!

Before Supernova I had carryout at the office 3 -4 nights a week and went in on Saturdays. I still felt like I wasn’t gaining any ground. After implementing Supernova my partner and myself are able to block off time for our family and personal pursuits without the business suffering. We have doubled our profitability in two years and go home at 6 every night.


I want to get organized!

I called Rob Knapp because I could never get anything done. I would start out the week with a to-do list and by Friday I had added ten more things instead of doing what was on the list. The Supernova organization system has changed my life! I was taken through a step by step process involving turning over my calendar to my assistant that made all the difference. Thank you Supernova!


I want to grow but I am already working at my maximum:

I was working 60-hour weeks with no time for acquisition. The Supernova program changed all that. I now spend at least 3 hours a day prospecting. That’s what I really like to do but I had no time to do it.


The Supernova process is designed to be tailored to meet your needs and where you are in the process. We help you establish structure and growth out of chaos so you can live a better life and be more successful.

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