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A few years ago, I heard a presentation of the Supernova system at a B/D conference given by our regional director. With his help, we segmented our book, bought colored files, implemented the 12/4/2 contact system, and had our entire staff buy into the program, as I bought the book for each one in my office.

I also signed up for the Advanced Learning Membership Service that provided me with the tools and scripts I needed to implement the program.

We have retained every client that we put on the system and the monthly client contact has led to increased business and referrals as well as comments telling us how unique we are. I recommend the system to any FA who wants to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Patrick Renn, Renn Wealth Management Group, GE

We a€™re experts at helping top advisors gain greater control over their practices by implementing our proven systems for client, prospect and time management. By joining the Advanced Learning Library you will receive a continuous flow of actionable ideas that will help you:

  1. Right-size your client base €“ You cannot be all things to all clients. A big part of your continued success will come from carefully defining and selecting ideal client relationships.
  2. Implement a world-class service standard Your service model is the linchpin for both acquiring and keeping top relationships. We will teach you how to build a service model that will set you above the herd.
  3. Build time into each day for meaningful client acquisition When prospecting becomes a daily ritual, your ability to attract new clients and new assets increases exponentially.
  4. Gain greater control over your practice When you have the right tools to coach and lead your team, you’re more productive. Stress and frustration become a thing of the past.

Supernova is unique.

All of our ideas are actionable.

You get a roadmap with very specific strategies for putting them to work. Although you’€™ll need dedication and hard work, our methodology is easy to understand and apply.

I did the program about a year ago and my production has gone from $600K to now over $1 million! I am now in the top five percent of my firm. Currently number 225 or so out of 12,000+ advisors. Thank you for everything!

-Jimmy Stewart, IL

If you’€™re up to the challenge, you’€™ll be amazed by the results:

  • assets and production increase dramatically;
  • client relationships become deeper and stronger; and
  • your work better aligns with personal values.

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Supernova has a track record of success for advisors and their clients.

It is allowing me to have stronger conversations and I looking forward to being much more organized. This is what I truly believe is going to give me my life back in being able to add the proper amount of value to my relationships.”

Jim Brown, WA

Are you ready to take that leap of faith?

We have always wanted a reset button and this is it! We are really excited about Supernova. How do you get your clients who have been doing business with you forever to look at you differently? It is no different if you were doing transactions and you wanted to modify your business to do more managed money. How do you get them to look at you differently? This is it.”

-Ken Gunsberger, CFP, New York City

Become a Member Today!

Supernova will help us live up to our potential. There is so much potential in our business for growth because, frankly, not a lot of people do it as well as the Supernova folks do it. It frees up time for you to grow your practice and have balance in your life.”

Tony Comer, Texas

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