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Industry research confirms the Supernova approach is the most effective means of retaining clients, attracting new referrals, building a powerful brand and initiating explosive business growth. Advisors who limit the number of clients have the added bonus of work/life balance that results in a happier family life, healthier lifestyle and more energy to pursue passions and interests outside of the workplace.

Most people who have known us for a long time think it makes a lot of sense that we are reducing the number of clients we are working with. They like hearing that. They like hearing they made the cut. They overwhelmingly appreciate the service model. The idea that even though it’s going to be structured and scheduled there is flexibility. – John Yeager, CA

Actionable and Practical

Our goal is excellence. We provide coaching that is actionable, up-to-date and comprehensive. We not only show you what to do, we show you how to do it. With this in mind, our coaching is continually evolving and built on the foundation of the Supernova model as described in The Supernova Advisor.

When you hire one of our coaches, you’€™re adding a new member to your team. We will be your partner in success. We work with:

  • Top performing financial advisors
  • Elite wealth management teams
  • New advisors looking to jump start their practice

Accelerate your performance through:

  • Increasing the number of meaningful, qualified referrals
  • Clients consolidating their wealth with you
  • Less attrition of clients
  • More time for acquisition – every day

When we were doing a tiered practice I was always jockeying what takes priority. In my mind, I never say to myself, this is a Tier 3 client and I’ll take care of him in 3 days. It doesn’t work like that. By applying the Supernova standard to our business we have set a high enough minimum that we can give all our clients the same level of service. –  Anne Seidel, Washington

Personalized, Comprehensive Coaching

This comprehensive and personal coaching includes a heavy emphasis on implementation and accountability. Here’€™s a partial list of what our coaching typically includes:

  1. One-on-one weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions
  2. Unlimited access to your coach between calls
  3. A copy of The Supernova Advisor as well as our coaching guide
  4. Access to our members only website filled with articles, videos and more
  5. The Supernova Scheduling Tool to organize your appointments and download to Outlook

Supernova will help us live up to our potential. There is so much potential in our business for growth because, frankly, not a lot of people do it as well as Supernova folks do it. It frees up time for you to grow your practice and have balance in your life. – Charles Daniel, Texas

We learned a great referral process years ago, but now that we have adopted the Supernova Model, we are truly referable. Now, we can ask for referrals with confidence, knowing that we are delivering an exceptional client experience. – Eric Wheeler, NH

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