I did the program about a year ago and my production has gone from $600K to now over $1 million! I am now in the top five percent of my firm. Currently number 225 or so out of 12,000+ advisors. Thank you for everything!
Jimmy Stewart, TN

We learned a great referral process years ago, but now that we have adopted the Supernova Model, we are truly referable. Now, we can ask for referrals with confidence, knowing that we are delivering an exceptional client experience.
Eric Wheeler, NH

We are happy with the 12/4/2 process. I think it definitely continues us in a routine fashion to take care of all of our clients. I like the contact intervals. We think it is a system that we can live on and we are looking forward to incorporating it into the prospect side.
Robert Benoit, ME

The more control I give up the more control I have.
Tony Comer, TX

We like the Supernova concepts and the game board really brought this all together from an implementation standpoint. The program has enabled us to focus on acquisition going forward.
Justin Glucksman, MA

Supernova will help us live up to our potential. There is so much potential in our business for growth because, frankly, not a lot of people do it as well as Supernova folks do it. It frees up time for you to grow your practice and have balance in your life.
Advisor, Texas

I saved three accounts that were headed out the door by telling the 12/4/2 story. It’s really helped him realize he has to focus on what he has. Focus on his core clients. These were clients I didn’t want to lose.
Advisor, California

It is allowing me to have stronger conversations and I looking forward to being much more organized. This is what I truly believe is going to give me my life back in being able to add the proper amount of value to my relationships.
Jim Brown, WA

This has helped us focus on the most important thing – our communication in giving the service to the client. It was so important to involve our assistant in the organization part because we have a much more comprehensive communication amongst ourselves. Delivering that communication of service to the client we have our folders set up, and it’s so effective because when we call clients, the history is there and the proposal of what we want to do going forward all ties together.
Gary Davison, OH

That folder system was just brilliant. It keeps you accountable on a daily basis, the entire team, to make sure it gets done. No matter what you get tied up in and how busy you are it will become a habit. You come into work you got your folders; you make your phone calls. That solved my problems! That folder system is fantastic and I want to thanks you for that.
Michael Gabriel, NY

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